How you should Fill your Skip Bins

Whether you are running a business or for home purposes, skip bins are very important especially when it comes to waste and rubbish disposal. One of the main advantages of using a skip bin is that it is very economical and effective.

Today, many companies in Perth offer skip bin services, and they classify their wastes in categories such as general waste, clean soil and green waste amongst others. While we can go on and on about the benefits of having skip bin services, I opt to stop at that and concentrate on how best you can fill your skip bin for maximum effectiveness.

bricks full container

The dos

To fill your bins correctly, consider the following tips:

1. 1. Classify your waste

Before acquiring a skip bin, first, evaluate the type of waste you wish to dispose of. Also, consider the amount so that you can know the exact size of the bin to take. It makes the whole process economical, which is the main aim of having skip bin services in the first place.

1. 2. Sort your wastes

Once you have identified the type and amount of waste that you will be dealing with, the next step is to classify the waste for proper disposal. Put the green waste at one side and soil on another. Put all the other types of waste that you cannot classify in one end as well.

1. 3. Maximize on the load of your skip bin

Now that you may be incurring skip bins services costs, it is important that you maximize the space available. While disposing of your waste in the bin, put the bulky items first into the container then followed by the much lighter ones. If you have items like furniture that your need to dispose of, make sure to break them down first so they can fit well in the bin and occupy less space.

1. 4. Keep an eye on your skip bin

It may not be a great point but the moment you place your bin outside the neighbors will think that it is free for all. Therefore, they will start putting their wastes in them. As a result, the skip bin may not be as economical as it should be so it is critical to ensure that only the people with authority can access the container.

The don’ts

a full binWhile skip bin services are great and economical, you should not do some things while filling them up. For instance, you should not put any prohibited item in the bin and avoid overfilling it. Before placing items such as asbestos, it is essential to discuss with your service provider so that you can know what is allowed and what is not.


While skip bin services are very efficient and economical, how you fill it up will determine whether you will have a successful venture or otherwise. Some of the things that you should do include separating your waste, classifying them and disposing of the allowed items only. On the other hand, you should avoid filling your bins to the brim.

Remember to keep an eye on your bins to ensure that you alone are using it.
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